Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Finished Work: Madam-Me

Just before christmas we finished working with a rather talented girl called Jess; she goes under the pseudonym of Madam-Me.

Originally she came to us looking to record a simple, stripped-down acoustic demo of a few of her songs - something to put on Myspace and promo some of her music/get her some London gigs. As the first part of the session went on we got to find out a bit more about what music she liked and where she wanted to be going with hers.  Turned out this friendly girl with an acoustic was really into Dubstep and Drum 'n' Bass.  Quickly, we got started on creating something a little deeper; something with a different destination in mind - full-on production.

Over a course of around three months - having sessions, on average, once/twice a week - we pooled all our ideas and finished four songs.  Although it took longer than we planned - including all the extra time we put in during our down-time - we're pleased with the results and looking forward to doing more.  We will, most likely, be getting together again soon to finish up some tunes we started.

Here are a couple tracks for you to have a listen to...

Discuss Business:
'Discuss Business' - Jess Holliday by HBPP

Lose Your Mind:
'Lose Your Mind' - Jess Holliday by HBPP

There will be more. Watch this space.


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